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About Us

A HOME away from HOME

Four years ago we had a vision.
A dream.

To create a safe haven for our youth and community.

After purchasing the Kings Point Tennis Center and the adjoining lot,
a complete reconstruction began of the facility.

Thank you for being a partner in our campaign to make an
everlasting impact in our Great Neck Jewish Community!

The Board of the Great Neck JCC

Spiritual Leader
Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky

Mark Naim

Vice Chairman
Sharon Kahen

VP Finance
Charlie Hadid
Ed Ilyadzhanov

Executive Director
Rabbi Zevy Geisinsky 

Dir. of Development
Rabbi Osher Kravitsky

Board of Directors
Abe Daniels
Tania Eshaghoff Friedberg
William Goodman
Martin Hofman
Serge Hoyda
Jerry Kahen
Yakov Kashi
Reuben Kerben
Dr. Jonny Khodadadian
Tina Machnikoff
Alan Mindel
Yonni Mrejen
Sam Naim
Dr. Ariel Nassim
Elliot Nassim
Fred Ostad
Talin Eshaghoff Sarraf
Joseph Sheena
Dr. Soleiman Rabanipour

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